(There are still artists making music reminiscent of the crooners of yesteryear.  Jamie Cullum is one of them.  I put my take on a familiar saying for Day 116…)

My yesterday was blue, dear.  But, I’m still a part of you, dear…

Good morning
To someone, somewhere
Here, being here is merely formality
Asking how you are is a poor attempt at ignoring the obvious.
The tension as clear as the break between Sun and planet
Her eyes on other objects
Looking at me still hurts
Progressing through the day
Hoping this feeling disappears with sunlight
I want to be comfortable
Not overbearing
I want summer to be about caressing her skin
Not seeking cover from my heat.

Sunrise touches morning dew
I love you has the pleasant smell of sincerity.
The night covered us in forgiveness
And seeing you made me hopeful for future days.