(There a was serious tornado warning today.  It came within miles of where I live.  I actually wrote this while the warning sirens were blaring.  Inspiration comes in interesting forms.  Oh, Mumford and Sons.  Listen.  Day 117…)

And there will come a time, with no more tears, and love will not break your heart, but dismiss your fears…

Despite the damage
Homes made into parking lots
A natural tuition spinning
Malicious in construction not intent
Sometimes, a heart becomes reinforced with winds
Because it’s embedded in a wolf.

Not every breeze is the beginning of a tornado
I don’t know what one looks like
But I know the wreckage it can cause
You are not an unlucky storm chaser
Do not seek shelter from the wind of change
It’s a new day.
Bright and beautiful
You survived the natural disaster
Hope is blowing across your cheek.