(There isn’t much to say about this one. Listen to the song, and you’ll notice the inspiration.  Day 118.  You know what love is…)

What is the look of… it got something to do with um….

Let’s take our hearts out of this.
Place them on respective nightstand
I don’t want to risk stepping on them
We don’t need them
Just the containers they come in

Let’s make love
Since God is love
Let’s create God
I guarantee it won’t take six days
Let’s show Him what we can do with divinity
How many ways it can be angled and positioned
Catch the spirit.
Praise me as co-creator
And I’ll baptize you in my name

The power of Christ compels you
To lay long legged burdens on my shoulders
The best position is on your knees.
Pray at my altar until it makes me change religious teachings
Then I demand you bend forward to please Allah

We were not in God
We made His image of Love so idolized we ignored the Commandment
But at least there was no damage to our hearts…