(I decided to go with Marvin’s version over The Beatles’ one.  Brother Marvin just stirred my soul easier.  Given the idea behind today’s entry, it makes sense.)

I must have said something wrong.  Now, I long for yesterday…

I remember it like it was last night.
Nestled in my arms was she who carried the Universe in her hips
With my hands and mind on her
Nothing seemed out of reach
My world
Composed of the galaxies in her skull
Made stargazing easier

Her body housed constellations like hieroglyphs
The Big Dipper’s handle pointing to her heart
So I never forgot where home was

When life made my course full of raging waters
Looking up at her always gave me direction.

Somewhere between sundown and sunrise
When God declares it a new day
She left
Now the blank canvas of the sky traded the wine of newness for the sobering dose of emptiness

It’s not impossible without her
It’s just much harder without inspiration
Nothing looks as good if she isn’t starting at it with me.

Memories are the closest we get to going back
Hopefully tomorrow reminds her of yesterday.