(I’ve been thinking of all the connections I’ve made in the past few years.  In this age of social media, people you’ve never met are a conversation away.  Sometimes, that brief exchange is what you needed to better your life.  This Dru Hill record on Sisqo’s debut album fuels my words for Day 133…)

Why should I tell you this, stranger I just met?…

There’s no set time period for how long it takes two souls to bond.
Nor how long that bond holds
Someone I just met
Who happenstance caused your eyes to meet mine
And for us to lounge in the comfort of that staredown.

You were traveling here to enrich my life
To share common thoughts bigger than the crazy weather or the latest pop culture headline.
Our comfort was an umbrella at this bus stop
An X
The point where our timelines join before we forever go our separate ways.
But today
This conversation
Holds a treasure that only we can find

Thank you for making the journey clearer
I didn’t catch your name…