(Today, the song chose me.  I had it on my mind most of the afternoon and wrote on it.  Thank you, Ms. Badu.  Day 135…)

Prepare to have your shit rearranged the way I say…

Watch your step.
The worst thing about losing your balance is one can’t control when it’ll happen
The best way is to avoid areas that increases the probability of falling
Like wet floors
Marbles lying on the ground
Or my heart you keep traversing around.

Some falls can be fatal
And Universe forbid you trip on a vessel carelessly running in for a hug
I can’t make this place any less dangerous
The debris collected over the years gives it the feel of abandonment
No doors
Just signs in my windows that read, “Beware…
Of owner”

Play somewhere else
Don’t let your curiosity get you killed

This is a trust exercise
I’m telling you that should you let yourself drop
I will not catch you
Don’t put me in a position to react to save your life
Because I may be too late
And you’ll end up hurt
Or worse
Be eulogized in a poem…