(The doors I walk through when inspiration hits me still amaze and perplex me.  I’d like to say I’m over this feeling in today’s entry.  But… Day 138…)

Leaving this place, long gone
I get no service on this earth, I need to phone home
Did too much dirt to talk to God, nowadays I get the dial tone

The bigger they are

As impressive large things are
Whether helpful or hindering
It’s still amazing to watch things grow
To see what it feeds on
And how it can be killed

Joy, darkness, fire, trees, flowers
Have respective nutrients that help them prosper
The ego is similar

My heart
Beats a mammoth rhythm
Fee fie foe fum
Feeding on smaller people
Living on a cloud above all things petty
Because the world is a scary place
And it’s easier to create a castle in the sky

Distance makes my heart grow fonder of itself
Swelling with pride
In awe of how big it gets while alone
Not all growth is healthy
There is such a thing as “too high”
The wonder and addiction to artificial augmentation could make me reach heights I’m not meant for
And when the clouds dissipate

The harder the fall.