(I’ve had so many cluttered thoughts recently.  I have a tendency to focus on what lies ahead simultaneously with what’s now.  When there are too many words, I listen to jazz.  Ahmad Jamal brings in Day 139…)

Ahmad’s Blues is a jazz record with no lyrics.  I’m still amazed this record is almost sixty years old…

As beautiful as now is
As beautiful as the past was
The future anyways has my attention.
Sightseeing has never been a hobby of mine
I can’t marvel at winners created
Builders build.
My chisel and I are not done detailing the statue in my honor.

I’d love to have it created for me.
But no one can capture my nose
Or the stare in my eyes
Like me.

I’m not a tourist.
I’m the work when the exhibit is closed
Under construction.
Do not cross unless you inspired me
Even then, watch your step.
Do not touch
Wet tears
That dry like paint
And I wouldn’t dare let you watch paint dry.

Keep it moving.
Just like me.
Keep it moving
There’s nothing to see here
But in tomorrows yet to be labeled
My statue will be what I want it to be
Maybe then
I can marvel at what I’ve created.