(This is one of the few songs I can play on my guitar.  Part of this writing challenge is for me to learn to make time for the things I want to do.  Getting better at the guitar is one of them.  As I got older–and like most sobs–the lyrics became so much better.  Day 142…)

To me, you’re like a growing addiction that I can’t deny.  Won’t you tell me: is that healthy, baby?

You are beautiful
Beauty as great as my threshold for pain.
Holding you isn’t deadly
But a reminder that love can hurt.
Sometimes, a pricked finger shouldn’t be enough to keep one from the things they love.
Sometimes, it’s best to leave those things in the wild.
You’re supposed to leave be what you love anyway, right?

Maybe it’s your color.
My eyes carry a crimson tint when you are in my sight
Hugging you
I love hugging you
Though sometimes, you’re a thorn in my side
Did I rescue you from surrounding hazards
Or did I injure myself for the temporary pleasure of living you
Knowing that how much I care
Eventually, you’ll die?