(Coincidentally, I was asked to write to this song.  To be loved, etc.  It’s such a beautiful record.  Day 144…)

I said I’d never let nobody near my heart again, darlin’.  I said I’d never let nobody in..

The saying goes
You’ll never know what love will make you do
Until you’re in it
When your rationale begins to involve another
The center of yourself wants to be revolved around another
Things like guards
Crumble like fortresses of sand

Time made a castle of grains of doubt
A place where I could go while others enjoyed the pleasures of the beach
While my empire turned to mud.

But you
You were the tide
Slow and mighty
With the force of the moon
You changed the landscape of my world.
You swept me up in your current
Washing away my home
Until I shed it like a shell
That should I press to my ear
I’d hear my blood circulating in your name

You took me to deeper waters
Stripping the comfort of shallowness
And soothing the fear of being taken asunder
My feet can no longer feel the ocean floor
The salt from previous tears helps me float in you
To swim to the deepest parts of you
Where I never would have gone without stepping into your love.