(We lost a beautiful light today.  The lovely Dr. Maya Angelou passed away.  But this is not a time for mourning.  She wouldn’t want us to do so.  Her impact will resonate forever.  In the back of my mind, I wondered what outside events I’d document during this writing challenge.  It’s very interesting.  The only way I felt I could honor such a phenomenal woman was to let another inspire
today’s entry.  Day 148…)

Nothing else can compare, when I feel the magic from you, the feeling’s always new.

I don’t know how you can love a sinner like me.
That divinity under your eyelids must see something worth saving
That is a love touched by Heaven

I’m just a man
You know all I’ve been through
And know that I will betray that salvation you’ve granted me
Yet you still opened your pearly gates
That is a love I wish to reciprocate

This is pure.
Pure as forgiveness
As pure as me opening my heart to you
Being the best man I can be in your name
And having you reward me with a place
Our place
Our anointed place