(Another day of not really feeling like writing.  But once I started, with a little help, this flowed linearly.  I’m beginning to channel inspiration better.  The first two lines are not my own, but they’ve resonated with me since I learned of them.  Also, I normally pull from a song title because it’s usually am indicator of the mood expressed and build around that.  This is one of those times, though I don’t use the title as grounds for a metaphor.  Jazz is awesome.  Day 163…)

“Dancing in the Dark” is a jazz record by Cannonball Adderley.  No lyrics, just pieces of instrumental beauty…

I fall in love with you like I’m falling asleep
Slowly, then all at once
One moment, I’m wide awake
The next, I inhale you with a yawn
Then suddenly,
I’m dreaming.

I love you like I hope to one day love myself
Without wishing for someone better
Perfectionism lies in loving in totality
And while we’re growing at our pace
I adore the progress we’ve made.

I love you like I write with bad grammar
Marathon sentences
Punctuated with kisses
I turn amore into an essay
Indenting paragraphs down your rib cage
Making the noun jealous of its verbal twin

I love you like ever after
This niche remade version of love may not be in everyone’s memory
But we’ll always recall it with great appreciation
Princesses aren’t just in cartoons

I love you like how people arrive at saying “I love you”
When I run out of words
And tire from fighting off its weight
I close my eyes
And that’s all left to say