(I’ve written to Jose James before.  Today, I think I’m getting the energy back to want to write.  Day 167…)

While You Were Sleeping is the title track off Jose James’ newest release.  It dropped last week, so there aren’t any YouTube clips of individual songs yet…

I watched you dream
And wished I stimulated your mind the way the night caresses your forehead.
I looked into the blinds
Trying to make out the shadows in your soul
Wondering if the silhouettes were dancing
And if my heartbeat was bassline string
Plucked by your third finger

You rolled over
In comfort
In discomfort
To get in a better position within the night’s arms
Little dipper
You needed a better view to see the other hemisphere’s constellations
You lay like a lover sharing secrets
On one side
Smiling in acceptance
The Sandman
Envious of me
My hands on your face
Your thoughts on my hands
Helps you sleep better than his best mixture

You rolled over again.