(Writing is…well, this challenge has taught me a lot about myself.  In learning who I am, my mind and spirit are going through changes.  I assume they’re for the better because of the peace I feel.  But I now know this is what I have to do, and it will grow even more difficult in the coming days.  Day 170…)

So many pages I wrote, wish I could revise them.  But the best advice I got was to keep writing, keep living, and keep loving…

I don’t want to end the same way I began
When my memory collects in your hand
Hold me so tightly
I become glass
Forget me
Only should such an emergency arise
And the fire I leave burns everything around you

While my form is still bonded by divinity
I will build a sand castle
A kingdom fortified by the pressure of monarchy
Every decree
Every drop of royal ink written into history
Is as permanent as yesterday

I write yesterdays
Believing tomorrows
Will eventually make them clear
My collection of sand
Poured into the bottom of the hourglass
Tempo doesn’t matter
Meter doesn’t matter
I just pour
And spill
And write
Until time reaches
The end