(This was easy to write. Speaking to peers the past few days has soothed my brain and spirit.  Day 172…)

When you love someone, your heartbeat beats so loud.  When you love someone, your feet can’t touch the ground…

To the woman I loved
Though I was not ready to love
I apologize
Though I don’t know what I’m apologizing for
Your heart didn’t feel broken
The fading moonlight in mine just pulled me away
As oceanic as your heart is
Gravity had its own ideal
We were to crash like beach and wave
Then wave goodbye sometime after.

I meant every word of the phrase
It was to shine on your hemisphere
But worlds turn
Last night is something we remember
Without daybreak looming

I’m sorry for showing you the apocalypse
Except I didn’t
We ended
Yet the planet still rotates
I ask you
Find sunlight in another place
You deserve morning
No more mourning over sunset
Rivers cried won’t bring us back together