(Well…I have no control over which door opens.  Day 174…)

You’ve been a bad girl.  Someone’s gonna have to teach you a lesson…

I love it when you’re insubordinate.
That means you need
To be disciplined

It’s time for detention
Your seat is next to me
Lay forward across my lap like desk
Stay focused
Speak when spoken to
Talk out of turn and you will be forced to stay here longer
Or suspended

Your dress folded back like notebook cover
Your mouth has been loose leaf
And I must grade your work
The red marks are symbols of corrective action
And you’ve gotten quite a few answers wrong

But I can fix that
Be my instrument for learning
I’ll outline information in your skin
Dictate it in your ear
And tap you with my ruler
Until you pass
You’ll thank me later.
You always do.