(Been awhile since I’ve flipped one like this. The idea broke down while writing, but I can polish that.  Day 175….)

Touch me, tease me, feel me, and caress me.  Hold on tight and don’t let go.  Baby, I’m about to explode…

Before we go any further
Understand that there is no return from this level of intimacy
Also understand that without my consent
This is harassment
Whether or not I think you’re beautiful
I do, though

This is more than a kiss on cheek
A pat on back
You’re placing your hands on special areas
I’m nervous.
It feels heavenly
Maybe it’s the excitement of vulnerability
Or the vulnerability of excitement

Being a nude artist
Is different than undressing for your secluded audience of one
I control how much of my self I display
You caress my most sensitive areas
My private parts

I hope you like what you hold
I hope growth doesn’t intimidate you
When I placed my fingers across nipples
And lightly touched tulip petals
You opened like dawn in May

This is the fruit from my loins
Rooted from my heart
Aroused by your arousal
You want me to be erect
Because I open you
And deep inside
We connect