(I don’t like a lot of Babyface’s music.  But this song is up there as one of his best that he kept for himself.  Six straight months of writing.  Wow.  Day 181…)

It’s not your fault that you were born with such a trusting heart.  Erase that thought…

There are moments
When the idea of love becomes too crazy to try.
After such a near death experience
The adrenaline causes you to flee to safety.

Goes from simple shutting of door
To solitary asylum
Wrapping yourself in yourself
And embracing the world inside is insane

There’s nothing wrong with being alone
Do not view that isolation as condemnation.
There is no sin for loving too much
No penalty for repeatedly opening your heart for hug and receiving punches
What doesn’t kill you
Makes your love stronger
That’s why you can’t win that battle to lock away your heart
It knows it’s crazy
It also knows the logic of not loving fully to avoid pain
Only leads to the pain of never fully loving
Your asylum lies in your insanity
Be committed to it.