((This door opened for me rather easily.  One of my favorite rap songs ever.  And so begins the second half of the writing challenge.  Day 182…)

I’m just sitting here, praying to my Father, tired of today, forever scared of tomorrow.

One of the best things in life
Is when you feel your voice is the only one singing this song
Another soul is your backup vocals
Maybe the lyrics aren’t exactly the same
And maybe
He remains silent during part of the refrain
But that melody is in his heart, too.

Kindred spirits
In perfect harmony with no rehearsal
Are placed in the musical to help you stay in tune
When you feel the need to be solo
Even during your most spontaneous adlibs
Someone still knows the notes
Should you need guidance

It’s not just you.
Sing along the scales
And there is another
Who can vocalize mi, too.