(It’s one of those days.  Day 188…)

Saw her in the Amazon, with the voltage running through her skin.  Standing there with nothing on, she’s gonna teach me how to swim…

I have the key
When I touch along your curves
The low groan of thunder in your belly
Lets me know
A storm is coming

The air is thick
I raise the barometric pressure with my hand squeezing your hip
To cause rain
Like God wringing his favorite nimbus dry

Darling, I
Hold your precipitation
As you gyrate across my waist
You look up to me like sky
And pray that I
Let you drench torrential

Not yet.

Give me a chance to get inside your sheltered walls
Better yet
Give me a chance to be outside
Rumbles getting louder
Possibility becomes inevitability
Whispers blow kites up your neck
Request granted

Drops that make audible splash
Current flowing through your legs
Violent flashes of lightning
No rubber could ward this high voltage
It’s dangerous to be out in weather like this
But in the name of chemistry and excitement
Storm chasing is worth it