(I didn’t feel like writing today until I started at the blank tablet.  Day 191…)

You can’t win, child.  We’ve all tried, too.  You’ve been lied to.  It’s already inside you.  Either run right now, or you best get ready to die..

Do you feel those tremors beneath your feet?
The sky darkens from my shadow
The hero you may see in me is asking you to save yourself

I have typhoons in my I love yous
Get close enough to them and be swept off your feet
As thrilling as the ride may be
You’ll never know when the wind will die
And I drop you
Leaving that home of a heart in ruin

Now is not the time to gaze into my eyes
My heartbeat causes fissures in your soul
Stand too close to me
And catastrophe will swallow you whole.

Too late..