(Spotify does it again.  This was found based on their recommendations.  The lyrics to this are…I encourage you to listen.  Day 199…)

Sometimes, you have to find out for yourself.  Sometimes, you need to be told.  Sometimes, you never find the answer…

I’ve spent hours touching you
Unscrambling your flesh to see the carefully colored finished product
Your soul
Is time consuming.
Frustrating and fun.
Even when I laid your cover flat
I could see the picture

But this is about the journey
From pile of nothing
A collection of fractured love
But a jigsaw doesn’t require missing pieces
Everything it needs to be solved resides in its container
Search yourself to compete yourself.

The words are blank
Time is currency earned
Constant focus on a solution
Love letters bringing me closer to you
Revolution after revolution
Spending time believing I owed you vows
But after while
Guessing stopped being fun.

So those letters
Became words that didn’t fit you
Clues that didn’t make sense
Stuck in a cross
Take too long
And I never figure you out
Move hastily
And you suffer the fate of every puzzle with a mistake
You believe you’re worthless.