(After a nap, I woke up and immediately decided to freewrite.  As an experimenter at heart, I like putting my mind and soul into various scenarios to see the outcome.  Day 201…)

No, I don’t like you.  I just thought you were cool enough to kick it.  Got a beach house I can sell you in Idaho…

It must be a long journey between my mind and my lips
Memories of us
Healthy and vibrant
Travel between those two destinations
With the fantasy of future fantasies of us as luggage
They pack for unfair weather
But it’s rather windy in my mouth
And there
Words are not as beautiful as advertised.

The confirmation of what our souls already know
Turns cowardly at the edge of my tongue
Ready to jump into the ocean
But the rain from clouds above suggest that
It’s not time to go in water that deep.

“No I don’t.”
Fiction isn’t always fun.