(Sometimes, the doors I walk through produce very clouded freewrites.  However, the idea behind them can be turned into more polished work.  I think today’s entry has one of those ideas.  Day 203…)

Sit back in the chair, baby, because I’m about to go there, my baby…

Sit down.
You are audience
I am entertainment tonight
While we talk, I’ll slowly show you everything.
I have no problems being nude
And if I do
Pleasing you matters more

My goal is to turn you on
To get you so aroused
You’ll want to bare yourself to me, too.
But for now
Follow my instructions and stay in your seat.

As awkward as I may move
With movement embellished like raised inflection
Eye contact
Makes sure you understand everything you see

Button by button
I reveal myself to you
Trousers deemed unnecessary for this private show.
I promise
Your fantasized idea of me
Is nothing like the man with the stage to myself right now.
Good or not so good.
Seductive or painfully uncoordinated
The true me
Lies beneath the articles I get off my chest.
The fallacies I wear daily
Will be at my feet

All that’s left of me
Is my skin
My heart
And my being.
Do you like what you see?