(Another rainy day.  Perfect.  Day 204…)

I’m bound under ball and chain, reminiscing our love as I watch four seasons change…

I get it.
Your heart has been through a lot.
I’m not going to minimize it
Any more than you’re currently doing.

You feel
December chill
April showers
Unforgiving July sun
And the decomposing of October leaves.
The calendar is a reminder of empty days without love
There is a season for hurt
And seasons for healing.

No one expects love to end
Whenever it does
It turns sunny days unbearable
Makes you believe you’re falling apart
Brings frigid breezes to hearts frolicking in the snow
And storms while you’re picking rose petals.
During that time
Your heart also feels the joys it always does
Yes, your world may be upside down
But it still is your world

Turn the page
Bare all under the sky
Marvel in your change as unnecessary hurt flutters to the ground
Make snow angels out of tears frozen by fear
And when spring comes
Bask in your new growth.