(This song has nothing to do with the subject of the poem, but that’s not how this works.  I use whatever I am given.  Day 208…)

Many miles between me and you…

I can see the world in her eyes
She sees Heaven in mine
A place where spirit can be free
She’s praying to me
A man
Who understands salvation.
Hers is just like Our Father’s
She is saved by grace
Through faith
That she will leave her earthly body
And journey to Zion in my name.

It’s intriguing
She understands that her requests are just that
And she is the one with obligations to serve
Yet she begs
It is begging
On her knees
Staring at my face because I allowed her to
Hoping that blessings come sooner than later
Despite always being on time

Earth is a demanding planet
And I’m glad I gave her