(Another easy writing day.  Also, my fascination with etymology makes certain ideas easier to beautify.  Day 209…)

I’ve got so much I want to say.  I’ve got so much I want to do.  There never seems to be enough time to be with you…

There are moments
When the Universe beckons for me
To be the Sun I’m supposed to be
That I want to look out into space
And say
“Not now.
I’m holding love in my lap.”

If it feels like suspended time
Even if the sand still pours
That’s an eternity worth believing in.
Caressing her cheek
Hearing her sing the melody in my heart
We were made for each other
Even if the hands of the clock urge me to follow them
I look the other way
And into her soul

I want this forever
No other forever is for me
I wish time learned about the pleasures of walking
Sitting under the stars with your very own Estelle
And just living

Duty calls
But I’d rather hear her hums from my caress
I’ll work overtime in the morning.