(Freddie Mercury is one of my favorite musicians ever.  You can tell he was born to do music.  You’ve heard this song.  You probably love it.  Day 210…)

Somebody, somebody, can anybody find me somebody to love?

If you aren’t looking
Focused on whatever gizmo life has made
That you swear you need
You’ll bump into them
As accidental as a random explosion
And time
Brought you to that exact moment
Excuse yourself
Introduce yourself what seems like again
Your heart will smell the stardust in the other

If you happen to watch where you’re going
Seeing the signs will cause your one dormant volcanic core to bubble
That lava has been waiting millennia to erupt
That’s why it’s so dangerous
And why you’ve been an island for do long
Don’t be afraid
The Earth can handle your fire
It was made for you to inhabit
Take your map and discover that treasure.