(I guess my spirit has actually accepted the gifts that come with the consistency of writing every day.  Day 211…)

Now bring in the reprise, and let the beat breathe.  I let you comb through the poem of what’s beneath these…

If I should die
Give me the strength to understand it isn’t too soon
But until then
Give me the strength to have my voice bellow across mountains
And the faith I produce give other mustard seeds the courage to toss the Himalayas aside

Fear has no power here
I don’t hide in shadows
For I am light
Darkness cowers at my feet
Begging for the reprieve of evening.
Sun rises
And they’re reminded a new day is here

May the blank page continue to bless me with space
And when I run out
I hope I have said everything I was charged to say
Now I lay me down to sleep..