(I don’t even know where this metaphor came from.  But I actually like where my creativity is headed.  Day 212, brought to you by The Doobie Brothers…)

If it’s not real, there’s no reason to frown.  Open your eyes.  Let’s not let what never was bring us down…

This is what to do when the truth is in front of you
Pull up the shade
Observe the world for what it is
Inclement weather beating on the sides of your face
Like the breath of imaginary wolves
Just take it in visually
The most durable houses
Are made of brick

I remember when you blushed on summer
Before our log cabin was destroyed by carnivorous winds
Before pricking my finger funding the needle in our home
Before shouting “Timber”
Then gathering the firewood to burn our mistakes
Learning their true purpose

I know you’re sturdy now
So am I.
But in one last conversation
Please crack your windows
I won’t attempt to crumble your foundation
I don’t want to be let in
I just want you to hear me say
That I want you too love happily ever after