(This moved me so much, my words became jumbled.  No editing.  Day 215…)

Each and every day, I want you to push play, feel every word I say.  This is what my heart prays…

To Whom It May Concern:
I know you’re there
But you go by many names
And everyone up there knows who I’m talking to

I’m thankful for the piece of divinity you planted in my heart
The gift of creation should be reserved for the pure
But here I am
Yet you see something
That I’m gradually beginning to see for myself

I ask that blank pages forever remain canvases I bleed into
Splatter images
That look like ink blots
And when the world sees
What is, by nothing other than my own word, art
The different perspectives outweigh those who question my sanity

I pray I never lose my sanity
But unwind my mind to mine deeper into my self
To show others that no matter how far you drift
You can always come back
And when you do
The treasure is invaluable

I hope to make something that tattoos the planet
Every stroke of my pen imprints continent
And peninsula
I don’t give a fuck about the fame
I do care about the hearts that think no one understands
I want to give them strength to stand
To smile
To cry then smile again
Because I do that every single time I create

The Creator in me wants everyone to know that they’re loved
So loved that my life is lived in servitude
Through therapy
I know I’m blessed
Help me to never believe inspiration is a curse
And to not curse this gift when it doesn’t manifest how I want
My soul knows what it wants
Make the bond between it and I stronger with each teardrop
So I grow closer to being who I write about.

These and many other things
That will be addressed
I ask.
Please keep my holy aglow
After my mortality fades…
May I be resurrected with every turn of the page