(I’ve seen this scenario a lot.  I’ve lived it, though not currently.  But this is the door that opened.  Day 218…)

I memorize your special code.  I can get in any time I want…

This is the diamond
Underneath a pile of coal
And you
Your words
My pride
Make up the soot that covers our faces
My fingerprints show up better on your legs

We can’t put egos aside
Because we feed each other’s
With spoonfuls of suspended logic
It’s easy for us to make love
The irrationality of continuing to join at the hip
Can’t be solved with a “breakup”
That wasn’t the problem
And you know what they say about things that aren’t broken
It’s not like we’re repairing our relationship or anything

With your ankles by your ears
I’m not worried about if you’re listening
A fistful of hair
Is easier to pull
Than whatever it is that bothered you.
You are more comfortable swallowing my thoughts
When they aren’t a result of what you said
Even though your lips
Cause those, too.

We are eclipse
Near each other to be an amazing display
But if we happened every day
There would be impending doom.