(I just flipped the title of this song into an entire freewrite.  I’m seeing just where my ideas break down.  Day 219…)

Hello, lover. You’re the girl I used to know, with the pretty face…

She was the kind of beautiful
That was only reserved for special company
Her contents weren’t things casually thrown away and forgotten
The pennies she carries are priceless
Flowers placed in her to be kept alive.
If she nestled in your arms
You understood the meaning of value

She has skin forged by fire
An afterglow in her eyes
Molded by God
To withstand the Devil’s breath
Her walk is sanctified
Strolling through the furnace of Hell
And exiting as a treasure museums would pay just to look at
And I get to hold her
Touch her lips
Pick her up and keep her close to my heart
But I never knew how fragile she was
Until I dropped her
She wasn’t the same after that
I can still see the cracks
Her smile is broken
Still beautiful
But different..