(I try not to write so close to midnight, but that’s how today shaped up.  Day 224…)

And meet me at the same place where we fell in love before, so we can fall in love all over again…

If you think about it,
We have an eternity to fill
I have an idea on how to spend this free time

Remember the smile you smiled when the fortress around your heart crumbled?
Do that again.
And again.
And I’ll retell you the story how I knew I adored you
With my heartbeat keeping the rhythm of the song
Until the end of time

Is not too weak to define
What we have
Since it was strong enough to part the Universe for us to be together
Let’s fall into it like fresh snow
And I’ll wave my arms to show you what you’ve been to me
Let’s pass the time like snowballs
Fighting over who’s made whose soul the brightest
I’m sure it’ll take forever to determine a winner
And by then we won’t care
Because we’d still be in love