(I’ve played this song so much over the past week or so.  I guess now, the door decided to open.  Day 225…)

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do, so I’ll write some love to you…

The pen moves tonight
Because I’m trapped in headlights
Pictures of you carry memories inside their frame
And your eyes warn me
To get out the way
But when we make contact
It’s never an accident.

I’m not sure if you still have any concern
If so
Return to sender.

I’m not wishing you are sad
The thoughts of you do not fill vials of bitterness
And I’m not trying to poison you by the sentence
I just believe
That some random Thursday
You miss me, too.
That sentence doesn’t have to be imperative.
Your reply can end in question marks.
Following the rules of grammar and dialogue is so boring
I’d rather break them
Than your smile
The red marks are less permanent on paper

I’m sending you some magic
Paragraphs of hocus pocus
From a wand that
If not anything else
Protects my life
Even when I don’t quite know what spells to cast with it
But it does unlock a chamber of secrets
All I ask is for an incantation in return

Everything before
And everything before
Can be summed up in one word