(This song jumped at me.  After the week this country has had, I guess my Spotify knew what my heart wanted to say before I did.  Day 226…)

People, help the people.  And if you’re homesick, give me your hand and I’ll hold it…

What if the prayers you’ve scraped your knees for
Were answered by a helping hand?
What if God
Showed Himself to you through one of his children
And you were so busy looking for Him
That He was unrecognizable?

The Universe shows us our common threads
Hoping we can feel how connected we are
You’re not alone
Nor are your cries for assistance going silently into the dark
The Light comes in many forms
Brightest when we reach for it in others

Be an answered prayer
Be a hug when another wraps himself in his own fear
Then souls everywhere will say