(It’s been one hell of a week.  I can say that I don’t think my writing has suffered through the mental strain.  Day 228…)

  You’ve got my heart beating triple time.  A dark rhythm, beating just behind.  Expose the subtle rewards across your face…

Take a breath before you climb me
This crescendo requires perfect control
So nothing gives out when you reach the top
There’s more music to be made

My rod
My staff
Provide comfort as I traverse your valley
Your hips
Wind up and down the scale
Fa can be heard
From you taking whole Re’s
Drops of golden sun from me
Needle to thread
As we get
And rise like dough until we are where we started

The sheets are marked with our key signature.
Your legs are like measure
My tongue runs the melody between them
Quarter rest
You sing the notes composed
Nowhere near composed
And I follow along by ear in perfect harmony

I grabbed your neck in C Major
You held me tightly in G
And hummed through the progression
Until we shared personal Heaven
A minor seventh.