(My spirit is still strong, though I can feel weight pressing down on it.  Day 230…)

They said, “He’s busy.  Hold the line, please.”  Call me crazy.  I thought, maybe, He could mind read…

You know which letter this is
You know who it’s from.
You also know I have quite a few questions.
I don’t know where to start
So I’ll just start

I’ve prayed
I’m sure those across from me have done the same
Will my prayer be answered?
And if the answer is no
Is their Our Father more hallowed than mine?
Are their guns aimed at whom they pray for?
Are their bullets blessings cloaked in shell casing
That should they strike me in the chest
It’s because You know my heart?
Am I saying the wrong prayer?
If I die while awake
Have I assured my soul is Yours to take?
Am I in improper prayer position?
I’m on my knees
With my hands in the air
I don’t want to fold them
And have my brother under Your name
Mistake me for holding something that’ll bring our conversation to a screeching Amen.

Are they out of Lamb’s blood?
Does Your protection pass us over if we’re not behind our doorway?
Does the Angel of Death need that much help?
I didn’t know rosary beads came in hollow point
So I’m sending a Hail Mary
From deep in the pocket I’m scrambling out of
Because clearly, protection has broken down
Catch this one, please.
Don’t let so-called defenders knock it down.
And if You do
I guess it was their time to win…