(This song instantly became one of my ten favorites the first time I heard it.  Thom Yorke does melancholy so well.  Day 232…)

Slowly we unfurl, as lotus flowers, ’cause all I want is The Moon upon a stick–just to see what if–just to see what is.  I can’t kick your habit, just to feed your fast-ballooning head…

What were you blessed with
To be able to Sun into Earth
Celestial roles reversed
My world revolves around you
This is history unlearned
So I’m repeating myself
Believing this to be true
Lest I be a heretic to you
Whose temple I worship.

A bite of your flesh
And I forget my purpose
The haze from the steam off your collarbone
Is my heat meshing with your cold shoulder
This kiss
That I never realize is goodbye until the future
Is the icing on the cake
As sweet as it is
Too much of it is unhealthy..