(You know the song.  Over forty years, and Marvin is still right.  Day 233…)

Father, Father, everybody thinks we’re wrong.  But who are they to judge us? …

I’m sick of having to explain why I’m a person.
Yes, I am a walking representation of the beginning of this world
But I am not a primate
Made lower than those whose melanin lie in darkness like their compassion.
Besides, if evolutionists are right
I’m pretty sure someone like me would never evolve into someone like you.

It is not an anomaly that I’m intelligent
I am already performing for an audience hoping I’ll be slaughtered
The American flag is Caesar
And I’m not going to salute
Because I don’t give honour to my killer

I don’t need a pat on the back.
Continuously giving reasons why I’m an equal
Is begging for treats at Master’s feet
I stand on two legs because I’m human
And don’t you holding my hand to walk for your enjoyment.

I’m not arguing common sense
Those who don’t have it
Are three fifths of who they believe they are
Since they don’t see or hear me.
So I’ll just be