(This song has no words, and I don’t have many more to add.  Roy Hargrove is a genius.  Day 234…)

This is a jazz standard from the album “Approaching Standards.”

We went to the beach
With just enough clothing
That people could look at us and imagine what we’re like when all is bare.
We cover our private parts in public
And wear smiles of knowledge
From being the only two with these secrets
We found lost treasure in each other
My heart beat with more fervor as you drew closer
Shells of homes past lay along the shoreline
If we listened closely
We could hear waves of goodbye

We built a castle
Magnificent in detail
Worth the lifetime spent crafting it
We constructed a masterpiece to show the world it can be done
That everything has beauty in it if given to the right hearts.

That castle washed away in early September
We knew nothing lasts forever
Though it felt like forever
And pieces of love
Would be carried around the world by the ocean
And I took the blocks of sediment
And put your memory in them
For the next person to find
And treasure.