(You know the song.  If you’re like me, you’ve sung it at the top of your lungs.  Day 238…)

Say it loud…

Why is it
That violence against someone of my own skin
Is brought up
When one of my brothers in melanin
Is killed by someone not related?

Just because one way to describe them is fair skinned
Doesn’t mean injustice against us is fair
This certainly isn’t love
And it’s not war
Because wars allow both sides to fight.
This is a genocide that executes examples in front of the world
Then tells us it’s our fault.

They beg us to stop hitting ourselves while holding our fist
Convincing us that since we have the nerve
We have the control.
There is a problem with senseless violence between those in the same family
But don’t let that blood tint your vision
When inter replaces intra in racial injustice

The best excuse is a tangential problem
They catch more of us with our carcasses than their hides
Making their escape through the smell of rotting Black flesh
I’m sick of my oppressor chastising me for what they’ve done
I’m sick of being charged with changing a system designed to hang me from it.
Red Herring allows these villains to flee persecution
Stop turning your head in trust
And pulling the knife from your back believing you are responsible for every wound.