(It was tough to find a song today.  But when I did… eight straight months of writing.  Day 243…)

I jump right in and fall asleep, ’cause you are the death of me…

At this point,
The cause of death
Only matters to those who’ll know our story long after I’m gone
The truth straddles two sides
Mine digging deeper into my mind to lay
And yours closing the coffin
While I still looked at you wondering
If you were sure.

Goodbye is a premeditated crime
Murder two
Souls who knew demise was imminent
I stared in the eyes of my killer
As beautiful as you are
Missing your demeanor
Added to your charge
Another degree
Made you colder
Turning a vow into a felony

I hope you can hear me banging underneath your ribs
That dirt piled onto my gravesite
Won’t keep my spirit from haunting you
It’s only right neither of us get much sleep.