(Remember what I said about “Below the Heavens” giving me a different favorite song every time I listen to it?  This is another.  Day 246…)

Sun back with Moon to balance out how he shines on the planet.  And you try to understand it, but you can’t, ’cause…

As someone who’s carried all of
Whatever this is
Purpose of my life
I don’t know
In my arms
I’m still unfamiliar with
Who wants to lend a hand

I’m learning how to balance my load
And your load
Without either of us losing our selves in the name is selflessness

I’m careful
Maybe too careful
Maybe there’s no such thing as “too careful”
When handling something so fragile
So this ends up preserved until we reach our destination.

You are
Everything I wanted
Which makes me nervous
Because I never actually expected to have everything I ever wanted
So if you observe me staring into the distance
Lost in what looks like thought
I’m concentrating on maintaining my grip on us

I’ve never been this happy
I’ve never been this happy knowing I will always be this happy
As long as you continue to say
“I love you too”