(Not even the beginning of the NFL regular season can derail this challenge.  I just wanted to write to something badass, and The White Buffalo makes music that is just that.  Day 247…)

They call him The Matador.  He settles all the scores…

He’s turned everything designed to hurt him into sport.
Evading imminent impalement with the grace of a man unafraid to die.
No matter how ferocious the bovine
He stares it down
Eye to eye with what has claimed daredevils and bystanders alike

His world, an arena
Where people gather to watch him live
Hoping he lives
Or perishes with his arrogance draped across his shoulders
The cape makes him a hero
The crowd throws their hope to him as rose petals
Decorating, for at least one more day,
A future grave
Until then
He inspires them to conquer the bull in their lives.