(Spotify found some more new music for me.  This one is from Frank Turner.  Day 249…)

Just give one fine day of plain sailing weather, and I can fuck up anything.  Anything…

It’s always confusing waking up
And seeing sunshine
Feeling winds against me that I don’t brace myself to withstand
That I don’t lose surety of if I have more tomorrows to see

But here I am
Questioning the validity of today because it’s not raining
Apologies aren’t beating against my window
Forgiveness isn’t begging for you to chase it in the storm
That which is damaged is lost

Remember when your eyes brought clarity?
The pressure to keep them dry was high
Sunny days
Stopped being filled with carefree smiles
And were replaced with nervous laughter
I stopped believing the storm was over
And convinced myself that in your eyes
Was a calm that let me know
I’ll need shelter somewhere else