(This song grabbed me.  I just randomly played it while looking for another, and it wouldn’t let me choose another.  Day 255…)

You justify those that died by wearing the badge.  They’re the chosen Whites…

I wonder how upset God is
At seeing so many of His children
Forged His signature on their siblings’ death certificates

Our God is an awesome God
We are made in His image
Hatred disguised as justice
Insults His intelligence
With His children as subjects
Outlined and bulleted

The Bible is studied in Cliff notes
Just enough of it is read to pass whatever law by
And those of us
Who are armed with Scripture and Faith
Learn to never bring swords to gunfights

It seems to be ok to corral us
And execute us
They’ve made an ink stamp of God’s signature out of our blood
Their trigger finger must not be on their writing hand
Hatred is ambidextrous.