(One of those times where I feel I harnessed the power meant to be unlocked through this challenge.  Day 259…)

Time waits for nothing.  And everything’s gonna take its time…

Signs you’re getting older.
Feel free to number.

Though you’ve never stopped learning
But the wealth of knowledge attained
Becomes the bankroll for allowance for future generations
Even if you’ve yet to provide a seed of your own.
You find yourself offering pocket change
Remembering when you were strapped for cash
And had four cents to your name.
Hand over your money hoping they don’t blow it on the frivolous
And if they do
Your two pennies stays in their wallets and purses
But you’re there
If they need to borrow again
Because they’re going to borrow again.

Forget words like old
Your first name is now preceded by Mister, Mrs, or Miss
The vantage point between that semi-formal address changes
From childlike respect
To the capitalization of adulthood
It’s like wearing dress clothes traveling to an unknown destination
It’s unclear where you’re headed
But if you’re wearing slacks
It must be important.

Your bones begin to creak and ache
Your muscles pull and push the tide
Your body begins to forecast the weather according to degree of soreness
Can you feel the first storm in your back?
The clouds roll in and rest upon your shoulders
That’s why sometimes
Your memory gets a little foggy
But the thunder and lightning in your hand is experience
An immortal gift of the divine
But even Zeus developed gray in his beard

It’s okay
Older doesn’t mean old
In the Preamble of the Universe
We hold that truth to be self-evident
That all are created equal
The sands will call us all back to the hourglass
Just because you’re a little closer to home
The vacation is far from over.