(This song…Is not as romantic as Musiq would want you to believe.  Honestly, it was difficult to write to it.  Day 265…)

Who knows what may happen if we act on our attraction and lose ourselves inside a world made for us and no one else?

This isn’t love
To say that we are making it
Is more of a guess than we tend to believe
It certainly isn’t impossible to create something so divine
From something so divine
But to say, for sure,
Is taking ownership of your heart
And I don’t know it that well
You may not want me anywhere near it

But your body
And mine
We’ve decided to bare to each other
Like secrets told to those we love
And maybe
I love you is somewhere on my lips
But I’d rather look for it
After I’ve bitten I want you into your neck
If it gets lost
We can choose to find it
If it’s that important to us in the morning.