(The Weeknd may sound like a dying zebra when he sings, but there’s no denying some of his lyrics.  Day 268…)

We can play all night.  It just takes one night to let me fucking prove this feeling I would give to you…

The distinct sound of pointed heels down an empty hallway
I never knew angels without wings could still levitate

Your walk
Makes me wonder how far you bend for the god in me?
If your legs can dangle and keep their grip.
If I grip here
Do you moan louder than when I grip

I bet you look radiant covered in white
Your smile tells your favorite color

The look in your eyes suggests
You’ve thought of how I look with your chin raised
If I can make you feel closer to me the farther your face is from mine?
Can you trap my soul between your legs?
Can I grab yours through your throat?
If I could teach you to fly with your back against the wall?
Are you able to withstand earthquakes
And keep your bridge in tact
When my hand changes its shape?
Questions that would be lovely if answered
But will never be answered
I’m not denying the idea of attraction.
I’m not denying the idea of curiosity.
But peace is more important than selfishness forever
And forever is where you’ll remain
If covered in Never Will.